New To Divorce – Pros and Cons of Filling for A Divorce Yourself

New To Divorce – Pros and Cons of Filling for A Divorce Yourself – If you happen to be a follower of celebrity news, the DIY or Do It Yourself divorce is getting a lot of attention lately. The news of Charles Saatchi representing himself in court when he filled for a divorce from Nigella Lawson was well publicized by the media. The event was even celebrated to some extent that a person is choosing to represent their own case in court.

Saatchi didn’t consult any lawyers in any matter and represented himself throughout the proceedings. Both husband and wife said that they would appreciate the privacy in these difficult times for both themselves and their children.

This case above, as admirable as it may be, is an isolated incident. It would be safe to say that such divorce resolutions rarely happen and representing yourself in court might not be the best option for all people. DIY divorce is indeed cheap when you look at the bill, but one wrong step can prove to be very expensive in the long run, especially if you settle for far less than your worth.

Pros and Cons of DIY Divorce


  • The very first benefit of a DIY divorce is that it is both simple and cost-effective. A couple that is in agreement with one another and have no financial problems will have no problem getting a divorce without an attorney. They can either go to the court, or download the forms online and get it over with.
  • The second benefit of DIY divorce is that even if you run into a few hiccups, you contract the services of a divorce attorney on an ad hoc basis. Occasional hand-holding when required. This will prove to be far cheaper and you will also have professional support when needed.


  • Gaping financial pitfalls can emerge as a result when taking no legal advice. Lack of knowledge in this area, you will be agreeing to demands that may be putting you at a financial disadvantage. You may not realize it now but it can impact you greatly, down the road.
  • Legalese and form filling is not for everyone. Even if you have some knowledge regarding this, you are bound to run into some issues that might delay the process or put you in a worse position.

These are the benefits and the potential pitfalls of filing your own divorce. If you find that you don’t have what it takes to represent yourself, get in touch with Nelson Law Group PC in Flower Mound, Texas and we will guide you so you get what is rightfully yours.


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