New To Divorce – Questions Regarding Costs That Must Be Answered ASAP

New To Divorce – Questions Regarding Costs That Must Be Answered ASAP – For some people, going through a divorce is one of the most intimidating experiences. It is quite understandable when a person’s whole life has been turned upside down. Most of the people going through such a time are unable to keep a clear head. Fixing that is the very purpose of this part of our blog series.

You cannot meet with your attorney in a disorientated state. You must keep your head straight and make the right decisions and ask the right questions. If you don’t, you are only causing more trouble for yourself in the future. Here, we are going to discuss your primary concern, and that is the cost you are likely to incur. Ask your attorney the questions listed below to get a clear idea of how much this legal battle is going to cost you.

  1. The first question you need to ask is about the costs you are likely to incur.
  2. The second question should be about the time duration the divorce can take to reach its conclusion.
  3. In the third question you will ask is about the attorney that will be representing you in court, and how exactly will your case be supervised to reach your goals.
  4. In the fourth question, it is recommended that you discuss the payment terms and how often you are going to be billed.
  5. The fifth question is an important one; you need to know the person you can approach in case of a new development or complaint for that matter.
  6. Now, ask how often will you need to come to go to their office and how much of that consultation time can be conducted electronically.
  7. The frequency with which you will need to attend the court should be your seventh query.
  8. This is one question you should ask if you are feeling hopeful. Ask about any alternate ways to reach a divorce resolution.
  9. Now ask about the need for outside assistance, for instance you may need a barrister or forensic accountants or other experts.
  10. Ask whether the costs incurred can be recovered from your spouse.

In the end, you must receive a note that confirms all the advice that your attorney has given you. This should come with a retainer letter of the client that confirms the house keeping info provided. If you find yourself in this unwelcome situation and are a resident of Flower Mound, Texas, get in touch with us.